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"Motherhood. All love begins and ends there." - Robert Browning

The first three and a half months of breastfeeding my first baby was painful, stressful and not at all a wonderful experience. My nipples had remained cracked and sore since day one and I was feeling like a failure. I was ready to give up when I was given Maria's number and decided to try one last thing before throwing in the towel. I am happy to say that even before the end of my two hour session with Maria she had my baby latching much more effectively which in turn reduced the amount of pain I was experiencing. Her assistance in technique enabled my body to heal and her guidance allowed me to relax which made me less stressed and ultimately my baby happy and more content. I now know that I should have seen her months before and not tried to battle on by myself. I would recommend any new mum to have a consultation with Maria.
- Helen

What a wonderful service! I was most impressed about the high level of professionalism, compassion and the wonderful support I received both in person and over the phone. If I decide to have another child, I will definitely be utilising this service again. Thank you!
- Anthea

All her answers came with confidence creates confidence in breastfeeding! I was referred to Maria and she became my knight in shinning armour! Even from the phone call in making my appointment she had advice and alternate methods to try because she couldn't see me straight away. Well! it was an overnight transformation. The appointment came and we had our consult, I originally thought that two hours was going to be too long. However, there was more to my problem than what I had originally thought! Maria, not only pointed out my technique problems but also gave me as many solutions as she could so if one thing didn't work I could try another. I knew that there would be good days and bad days because a baby is constantly growing and there are other development milestones at work but I didn't think that the bad days would be that far and few between.
- Teri

What a wonderful support network for lactating Mothers- Tamworth is very fortunate to have Maria Ryan’s wonderful knowledge and lactation expertise! Maria assisted me with a realistic breast feeding plan (prior to giving birth). Once I had the baby, Maria visited me in hospital twice to implement the plan, which was invaluable in adopting good attachment and breastfeeding skills. There has been no pressure to “get it right” straight away, just helpful hints along the way and someone always on the other end of the phone for support (since I’ve been home) when required.
- Kate

On behalf of the Tamworth ABA Group we would like to firstly congratulate you on such
wonderful success as a Lactation Consultant! We have mothers attending our meetings who have definitely benefited from your expertise and are grateful that they have such a special breastfeeding relationship with their baby. We would also like to thank you for your enduring support of the local ABA Group - we go hand-in-hand! You obviously have great skill, and you care for your mothers and their precious babies. We wish you success and look forward to our continued close relationship. Thanks!
- Laura Hughes, ABA Counsellor 16 years

Feedback is always important not just for us, but for other people who may be
experiencing the same or similar difficulties that you did. It is a great way to help
people make decisions which are important to them.

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